Situated in the heart of Guildford, Creative Little Dots are a small dynamic team of creators specialising in the design and development of things for the web.

We don’t settle for ‘good enough’. We push for perfection on every project, our methodical approach ensures that every pixel and keystroke has purpose.

We take our coffee black, but you can have it however you like it, as long as it’s black.


We envisage our working relationship to be a collaborative effort that will propel your business to the next level. Our belief is that great communication, combined with our expertise and insight will ultimately lead to success with a relationship built on mutual trust.

We use the very latest web technologies together with best practices to create meaningful user experiences, that leave a lasting impression. Every project is built to thrive in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of the web.

At our core we are Wordpress experts, the most widely used and supported platform for managing content, powering 26% of the web today. Everything else is probably pictures of cats.


We do what we do because we love it! We may spend our lunch breaks debating the exact shade of turquoise that should be used for a hyperlink, but it is this attention to detail that excites us and sets us apart from the other agencies.

We are geeks. We are obsessed with the things that most people wouldn’t think twice about. It is after all, the details that make the design.


UI/UX Developer


Full Stack Developer


Web Developer

The Office

Registered at Rocket Desk in Surrey Research Park, Guildford.

Though we predominantly work remotely, we have access to an office with great facilities such as meeting rooms and a cafe nearby fuelling our productivity.

Creative Little Dots LTD, Rocket Desk, Surrey Research Park, 20 Nugent Rd, Guildford, GU2 7AF